Hotheads Haircare was develop as a daily use system with specially chosen nutrients to keep hair extensions beautiful and healthy. Most haircare products contain alcohol, oil, sulfates or ethanol and are not recommended for extensions as they are drying to the hair and can cause the adhesive to become weakened. Hotheads Haircare is made from the purest ingredients, giving extensions the nourishment they need to last longer and look amazing.

CLEAN Shampoo

8 fL. oz. 

Developed to provide a gentle cleansing that will not strip the extensions of vital nutrients.

HYDRATE Conditioning Masque

8 fL. oz. 

Deeply nourishes and hydrates extensions giving hair a vibrant and healthy shine.

SMOOTH Conditioner

8 fL. oz. 

Developed to moisturize, protect and condition, leaving hair stronger and more manageable.

REMOVE Extension Solvent

6.4 fL. oz. 

Alcohol-based solution used to remove Hotheads Hair Extensions and Hairwear easily without leaving messy or gummy residue. This solution evaporates allowing the extensions to be re-taped for reapplication within 10 minutes of removal

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